Kitchen Rentals

What’s it all about?

We have built ourselves a great new kitchen, equipped it with everything we need and figured that other people would like it too. So we have decided to offer our kitchen out for rent to interested people. Pretty much all the major equipment is on site but if you have some specific items for your particular process (like a dehydrator or smoker for example) you will need to bring it along. Only you will use your equipment, the rest of the equipment is for you to utilise as you need it.

As it is a NSW Food Authority requirement that if you are producing food for sale, it must be produced in a commercial kitchen; many people can’t afford one when they are setting up, so that’s where we come in. You can rent the kitchen for a big order, a couple of hours a week to produce your products to sell at the markets, or for a big catering job – it is entirely up to you.